Manufacturing Technology

The products are produced by extrusion method.

The extrusion method is used to process various materials, for example, metals and their alloys (aluminum, bronze, copper, titan, and steel); construction materials (brick production); clay wastes from minerals concentration; cereals, pasta and confectionary products in food industry and grain components in compound feed production.

Extrusion is a complex physical and chemical process going under mechanical force, high temperature, and moisture. The raw material to be processed is heated by the heat released in the process of internal friction and deformation of materials, and by external heating. Composition and moisture content of the raw materials to be processed as well as pressure, temperature, intensively and duration of the processes affecting the raw materials are variables in the extrusion process.

Soybean oil is produced by mechanical solvent extraction of saturated oil.

Soybean cake is produced by mechanical continuous pressing of oil from soybeans.

Due to technologies applied in our production cycle we obtain high quality soybean oil and high protein soybean cake meeting the state norms and requirements approved in Ukraine (DSTU and GOST standards).

We have integrated a quality control system in our production cycle. Control is assured by the certified laboratory that carries out quality control directly at each production stage starting with raw material acceptance and ending with finished products release.