Soybean oil

STAMINA AGRO, LLC is an unrefined soybean oil manufacturer.

Soybean oil is a product of soybean processing obtained by pressing or extracting oil from soybeans. Soybean oil received by pressing has higher quality values, as it preserves all healing and nutrient qualities and is ecologically clean and safe. Soybean oil is a leader among oils of other seeds due to its high biological activity, content of vital fatty acids and tocopherols that are natural antioxidants.

Soybean oil is an important raw material containing А, К, В, В2, Р, РР vitamins. Phosphates and lecithin are important soybean oil components necessary for nervous tissue building, repairing and healing.

Soybean oil is widely used in technical as well as food industry and is used for paints, oils and lacquers production. It is used as a basic material in soap and other ecologically friendly washing substances, plastic masses, synthetic oils and colorants.

Oil produced from soybeans is commonly used as a valuable product to enrich the feed in agricultural cattle ration by adding oil to compound fodder mixtures and dry fodder. It allows for gaining economy due to cost reduction of young agricultural animals of all types and causing positive impact on volumes of milk and milk fat production. Soybean oil can be added to compound fodder mixtures and dry fodder to enrich the feed for chickens, turkeys, cats, dogs, and other animals.

Our Company produces unrefined soybean oil, the 1st quality category, which by its values and characteristics is meeting the requirements of DSTU 4534: 2006 “Soybean oil”.